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A Gift from Rex

Author Dr Jim Kramer DVM, CVPM

Guiding Children Through Life and Loss

Who is Rex?

Rex is a wise dog who, like dogs everywhere, loves children and wants them to be happy. Rex speaks directly to the child in each story to help him or her through painful encounters. Just as in adult life, childhood lessons regarding love, loss, death and recovery often come through animal companions.

A veil is lifted and the scales fall from our eyes when we become aware that life is a precious, fragile gift. When we become better at recognizing and dealing with loss, we can experience far less daily frustration and far more daily acceptance and joy. In this book, Rex, the German Shepherd, talks to parents and children heart to heart, about their sadness, grief, anger, guilt and recovery from loss. As parents, teachers, counselors, relatives and friends,  we can help  young children, to prepare for challenges we know they will have to face. Take a pro-active approach to loss.
Everyone has the opportunity to do a profound amount of good.

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A Gift from Rex

I'm glad you are reading my book so that you and I can talk about the stories that follow. I made up these stories to help you learn some important things. When we lose something we care about, it is hard for us to think clearly. When we are dealing with a loss, it is hard to study and learn new things. When we make a new animal friend, it is a happy time wrapped in love and joy. What a great time to learn new things! Animal friends can help teach us that life is precious and special. Animal friends help us learn about sadness and joy.

I'm Rex and I'm here to help!

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